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C4DtoA Skin Shader

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C4DtoA Skin Shader

Hi! I'm having trouble finding any up-to-date tutorials on C4DtoA skin shader. Specifically, I am trying to create a hyper realistic look on a human model but there are no tutorials on how to properly do this. Even the C4DtoA documentation is out of date and does not show how to accomplish this. I am trying to get results similar to this:

Any help would be very much appreciated!

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More here (MtoA, but the shader is the same).

A lot of the examples here use skin. What in the documentation is "out of date"?

Lee Griggs
Arnold rendering specialist
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Thank you for the help, Lee. I really like your work. I've run into several cases where there were slight discrepancies between the options shown on my C4DtoA (R20) and the C4DtoA documentation; One example can be seen here in displacement:

"vector_displacement" is not an available node so I was considering discrepancies like this to be "out of date". Perhaps I've installed Arnold into C4D incorrectly or my build is out of date.

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Thank you!

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Right, it is indeed out of date. Normal and vector displacement shaders are now merged into one displacement shader with a combo box to select the type. We're going to update the docs, thanks.

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