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C4DtoA - Render custom AOV as PNG?

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C4DtoA - Render custom AOV as PNG?

Can't find any other questions on this and Arnold online documentation doesn't talk about this part of my problem either.

I'm going to be submitting .ass files to a server render farm to render an animation. Everything will be rendered as PNGs. No EXRs for this project. Obviously there is no problem with the render farm spitting out the final beauty pass as PNGs since that is what it always does by default. What I want is for it to also render out an AOV as corresponding PNGs which is a simple Arnold Object Mask tag that has been placed on an object - nothing special. (I already know how to get the AOV to show up in the IPR, just don't know how to get it into its own PNG). How do I do this? Or am I stuck getting the AOVs out of EXR files?

If this is not possible, I guess I will have to render the AOVs locally in C4D? I can see that the AOVs will show up in the Layer tab in the Picture Viewer. But even then I'm not sure where to go from there.


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You have to setup a png Arnold driver. Just add the AOV to the driver, set the path and it will write out the file with the AOV name as a postfix (e.g. /path/to/mypng_myaov.png).

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