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C4DtoA NLM RLM issue

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C4DtoA NLM RLM issue

Sorry to dig this back up - am mighty confused and hoping to get this straightened out.

We've set up C4D with R19, and downloaded C4DtoA 2.6.0.

We've gone ahead and set up the Autodesk NLM server, and in the C4DtoA 'Connect to Licensing Server' it shows that 'Found 1 NLM license', with 'No RLM license found'. As a result, watermarks are present in the renders.

I was thinking that an NLM license would've been enough? Sorry if I've misunderstood. I've copied the Diagnostics message.



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Forget about the RLM part. If you have an annual subscription, then you have an NLM license.

In the Connect to License Server dialog box, you click Connect and it says "Found 1 NLM license" ?

Does it also pop up a message that says "This will sent an environment variable on your system" ?

You should not get a watermark, at least not until you restart CINEMA 4D.

It's possible that C4DtoA was not able to set the environment variable on the system level

So after you restart CINEMA 4D, you might get a watermark.

In that case: go back to Connect to License Server. Delete everything in the NLM box and click Connect. Then put back the real info and click Connect again. Render. Watermark?

Is that what is happening?

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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Thanks Stephen!

It seems like it was the environment variable wasn't set right - I followed the instructions here:

...and the watermarks have since disappeared.

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