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C4DtoA Network install - IPR Slowness

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C4DtoA Network install - IPR Slowness

Hey Guys,

we are currently changing our c4d pipeline, so cinema is loading an c4dtoa version from the network on startup. Everything works fine, execept the IPR start performance. If c4dtoa is installed locally, it starts immediately to render. With the network version it's loading the needed data from the network (20 sec) and after stopping and restarting the IPR session it's loading the plugin data again form the network.

From Houdini, Maya and Softimage I'm used to a long software load time on startup, but than it's fast. With Cinema it's the opposite, it starts really fast, but loads the plugin data when it's needed.

Is there a way to force Cinema to keep the PluginData in Memory for the session?



I asked Steve this also yesterday on his blog.

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My first question would be, is that really Cinema which is causing the delay? For instance do you experience the same delay with other plugins, or when starting a render to the Picture Viewer? Can you check the Arnold log (go to Render settings > Diagnostics and set the log level to Debug)?

When the Arnold render session starts, it loads plugins and meta data files from the C4DtoA folder, maybe those are causing the delay.

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I'm sure that the loading of plugins and meta data causes the delay. See the txt files. Is it normal that it takes that long to load the stuff? Like I said, I haven't noticed this delays in Houdini/Maya/Softimage, while we are using the same network plugin workflow for this tools.

Is there a workaround, that speeds up the startup speed?


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We need a Debug-level log. The 20s happen where the licensing happens.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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Yeah it seems the plugins were loaded fine:

loaded 2 plugins from 2 lib(s) in 0:00.01

Looks more like licensing as Stephen said.

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in reply to: boeinghoff

Oh Guys,

you are so right. Our Applauncher-System writes two license files into the cinema_launch.bat

set solidangle_LICENSE=1081@licsrv

set ADSKFLEX_LICENSE_FILE=27000@licsrv

The old solidangle_LICENSE line caused the delay...

Thanks, and sorry for the noise!


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No worries, I'm glad you have found the problem.

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