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c4dtoa exr driver - custom attributes

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c4dtoa exr driver - custom attributes

hey guys,

currently, i'm trying to write some custom attributes in a arnold driver, but have no idea how the syntax should be. could someone help me with that?

in maya it looks very easy. there are three options: one for the name of the metadata, one for the type of value and one for the value it self. but in cinema4d is just one option.

and then i would like to add some information via xpresso to this attributes, but i can't find any input.

finally, the idea is to transport some camera information to nuke.

it would be great if someone have a solution to this.



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Indeed, the UI is not really user friendly at the moment. I'm gonna improve it in a future release.

The format is [type] [name] [value], where [type] can be INT, FLOAT, VECTOR2, MATRIX or STRING.

You won't be able to use Xpresso on this parameter because it uses a custom GUI widget. You can maybe write a little script in a Python tag to modify the value.

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in reply to: flimmer

hey peter,

thank you for your quick anwser! this is very cool, here in the forum!

yes i already expected that i have to do that with python, but I did not know about the format.

i thing it's oke how it works now. you don't have to change the UI, but maby it is good to write some comment in the user guide.

thanks again,


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Sure, I'll definitely edit the docs.

For the python script look at the example here:|Python-Arrays

You have to call SetParameter() with a sublevel to change the number of items and the values in the array.

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in reply to: flimmer

hello peter,

i've been testing the last day a lot and have not gotten it to work.

even the simplest thing, as you described in the documetation, did not work:

INT myattr 1

am i doing something wrong or have I missed something?

thank you a lot!

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Hmm, seems like a problem in the export code. I will probably make a new bugfix release with this fix this week.

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in reply to: flimmer

thank you! your support is awesome!

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Here's a wip build with the fix, please give it a go if you have some time:

password: c4dtoawip

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The fix is now available in

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