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C4DtoA crashing during rendertime / Threadripper issue?

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C4DtoA crashing during rendertime / Threadripper issue?


I just wanted to test Arnold on a new Windows machine, to test its capabilities on that machine.

But Arnold is crashing most of the time instantly on rendertime.

I´ve run multiple benchmarks and stresstests and everything worked out fine.

The render finishes when I manually reduce the threads Arnold is allowed to use (to 48). The same, very simple scene (just some cubes and arnold sky), renders fine with Arnold GPU.

Other C4D renderings (physical, standard, redshift) working fine with 100% CPU use.

Is it a threadripper or memory issue?


AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970X 32-Core Processor

RAM: 128GB DDR4 Corsai C3200 C16

GPU: 2x Nvidia 2080 Ti

Cinema R20 (Tried it on R21 - same issue)

C4DtoA 3.0.2




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in reply to: MJayster

I'm on R21 with a 3990X with all cores/threads active and it's been super stable with rendering (I've let a render go overnight with no problems) so I'd guess it's not because of core/thread count issue with Arnold or a Threadripper issue in general

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in reply to: MJayster

What memory DIMMs do you have?

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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in reply to: Stephen.Blair

128GB DDR4 Corsai C3200 C16

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in reply to: MJayster

Does rendering the same scene from kick work? That would help to tease out whether it's a c4dtoa/c4d issue or possibly a problem with the machine.

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in reply to: thiago.ize

Sry, don`t really know how to do that.

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in reply to: MJayster

Are they in XMP mode? Were they on the list of compatible modules for your board?

Also sometimes when you're running a lot of RAM, it may not be stable running at the rated speed (depends a lot on the board and the modules)... I've been able to run 64GB at 3200 on my current board, but my previous board I was using 128GB and had to drop the RAM speed from it's XMP rating of 3200 to 2800 in order to get the machine stable

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in reply to: MJayster

Ok, it looks like it was a Hardware "bug". The mainboard has an inbuild memory overclocking feature which was on by default. Disabled all "Ai.Tweaking" features and now Arnold runs stable. Arnold was the only software that apparently had a problem with the overclocking - whatever it did. Good to know.

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