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C4dtoA - ASS Export freeze when the project is using textures

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C4dtoA - ASS Export freeze when the project is using textures


I face an issue when exporting a project to an ass file sequence from C4D.

Following the doc here: Scene Export - Arnold for Cinema 4D User Guide - Arnold Renderer

I am using this code to export a custom range of animation to the disk:

import c4d

def main():
    options = c4d.BaseContainer()
    options.SetFilename(0, "C:\\Users\\xxxx\\texturedplane.ass")
    options.SetInt32(6, 10)
    options.SetInt32(7, 20)
    doc.GetSettingsInstance(c4d.DOCUMENTSETTINGS_DOCUMENT).SetContainer(ARNOLD_SCENE_EXPORT, options)


if __name__=='__main__':

When running this, the first frame is written out correctly but then the CallCommand freezes and so does the whole c4d UI.

This only happens using Arnold 6 when there is an external file (texture or hdri) in the scene.

If the scene has no external file, I can output a whole sequence correctly.

I can also export correctly (with and without external files) when using Arnold 5.4

So working in cinema4d R20.059 with c4dtoa-2.6.2

Not working in cinema4d R20.059 with c4dtoa-

Not working in cinema4d R20.059 with c4dtoa-

Has anyone seen this already?

Is there a build of Arnold 5.3 or 5.4 versions for Cinema4D R22 ?

Thanks for any help,


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Does it also freeze when doing the export from the Scene Export dialog instead of a script? I suppose it happens with a very basic scene, right, just needs to have a texture in it?

Sorry, the first build which supports R22 was C4DtoA 3.0.3 / Arnold 6.0.3.

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The export runs correctly when using the "Scene Export" dialog.

My test scene is very basic:

- a plane with a standard surface and an image texture

- a directional light

Thanks for the info about the build in R22

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Oddly, I also noticed that the command call works if I set it to render a single frame.

However as soon as the start/end frame are different, the process will freeze after the first frame...

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This is actually related to a bug I have fixed recently, but haven't released yet. Hopefully soon it will get published.

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That would lovely, for the moment I will go back to Arnold5 branch but we'd want to use the latest versions really when possible.

What is frustrating is that I can manually change the frame and render individual frames in the same c4d session. But as soon as I try to do this in a loop within the Script editor it'll freeze...

Thanks for your insights.

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The fix is released in C4DtoA 3.3.3.

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