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C4DTOA Alpha Channel with the Toon Shader?

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C4DTOA Alpha Channel with the Toon Shader?

Hello gentlemen, i hope all of you are doing well.

Ive been facing some should-be-easy issues with the Arnold toon shader, especially when it comes to Alpha channel.
As you can see, that is the alpha texture(image 1) Im trying to lay on a plane geometry(image 2) so i can get ONLY the white parts of the texture to be the geometry plane, meaning, i want every part of the geometry plane that is not affected by the white color of the texture to disappear.
The setup i used yield no results at all.

If anyone is knowledgeable enough, please spare me the trouble and provide some help. Thank you 

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Someone please help.
I'm very and immensely sorry for the tag guys, @lee_griggs @peter_horvath @ssjenforcer191191191 

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basically i want something like this in the toon shader

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I'm not at my pc, but are you using a color correct node and setting 'Alpha is luminance'?

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You should be able to achieve something like this by mixing a toon and a standard surface with cutout opacity. See the attached scene. Not sure if there are any unwanted side effects to this though.


// Peter Horvath
// C4DtoA developer
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this did in fact work and gave me the effect i wanted. As for the side effects, i did notice some toon edge at the end of the geometry i applied the texture too, i don't know if that's because of little parts of the texture being stuck there, or it's because of this method's limitations. All in all, this is a solid way to achieve something like this. However, a kind request i have is to please please please please please please please include a cutout opacity kind of thing in the toon shader please. We all saw how powerful it is, so give it some love in the upcoming releases, make it powerful, and take inspiration from the PSOFT Pencil+ plugin for maya, the potential for toon shading is endless, it could be the new way to creating anime. Please give it a lot of love in the upcoming releases.
And all love goes to you peter for solving this issue i had, thanks buddy.

 Screenshot 2023-12-04 183142.png

(ill wait to mark your reply as "accept solution" because i want to hear the other guys suggestions. Thank you)

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i do appreciate you taking time to help, however, im not quite understanding what you mean there. It would be better if you replied in a setup that is similar to my post and peter's post. Something that includes photos, and preferably a scene file. Thank you buddy, and dont feel like im belittling your help here, not at all.

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