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C4DtoA OCIO issue

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C4DtoA OCIO issue

hello guys,

yesterday i updated to version and noticed big ocio differences.
i compared two different configs and nothing worked as expected.

i attached an image where you can see me results.

the big problem for me is that the spi-anim config looks completely broken.
i'm using a slightly modified version of this config normally.

how can i fix this? have i overlooked something? or is this a bug?

thanks a lot for every help!



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The main difference between 3.0.2 and 3.0.3 is that color values (e.g. standard_surface.base_color) were not converted to the render color space in 3.0.2, which is now fixed in 3.0.3.

If you use the default project settings (Input Color Profile set to sRGB), it means that color inputs are expected in sRGB space (in case of OCIO, it means the sRGB color space defined in the Arnold render settings) and need to be converted to the linear render color space.

I'm not sure why your spi-anim config looks so different though. One way to debug this would be to export your scene to ASS file from 3.0.2 and 3.0.3 and compare them.

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ahh thank you peter!
again you fixed it 😄

i had the c4d project settings set to sRGB, so a value of 1 has been converted through the config to a value of 4.435. as you said every value is than interpreted as sRGB. i switched the c4d color settings to linear and everything is like before. i didn't know that the c4d color settings have an impact on a arnold render. good to know!

thank you very much!

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