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C4DtoA 2.3.0: C4D crashes while assigning arnold tag to instance objects

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C4DtoA 2.3.0: C4D crashes while assigning arnold tag to instance objects


Cinema4D keeps crashing if I try to assign an arnold tag to an instance object under C4DtoA 2.3.0.
Will an update to solve this issue (can't find anything about it in the logs) or is the bug still existing?

OS: Windows 10 (Version 1803)
C4D: R19.053
C4DtoA: 2.3.0

Thanks and best regards,


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I can confirm that it's still there in, I will fix it in the next release. An Arnold tag does nothing on an Instance object btw, so why do want to add it?

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Hi, thanks for your quick response.

In the past (C4DToA 2.x.x) the following was possible e.g: if I instantiate a polymesh object and ad a arnold tag to the instance, I can i.a. turn off its primary visibility to have it just as an shadow caster, but this is not the main reason.

The error occurs with an own plugin, which assigns arnold tags to all children (except other nulls) of null grouped objects as a global arnold parameters controller. During the fact that some of the children are instances, the operation crashes the application. We're talking about a heavy scene with high poly car CAD polymeshes with a complex null group encapsulation for renderings for an image based configuration system. So it's not purposeful e.g. to assign the tags per hand. As a workaround (with my plugin) I can exlude the assignment to Oinstances, but for the longtime support and future plans (mentioned below), it would be great to have the possibility to assign the tag also to instances.

The other idea was to have original polymesh objects inside null groups and duplicate this groups with now instantiated polymesh objects as shadow casters while I hide some of the original objects to take-based render just selected parts as modules for later use in the configurator. So the original polymesh objects are still in the scene, but I won't be duplicated as "real" objects to keep the file size managable. My plan was to assign the arnold parameters tag to the instantiated duplicates to hide their primary visibility. But also in C4DToA 2.0.0 it was not possible to have a polymesh object in a group, hide the group and use the instance of the polymesh object with an assigned arnold parameters tag. In this scenario the original polymesh is hidden, like intended, and the instance shows up, but it ignores any of the parameters, set in the assigned arnold parameters tag. So the working example mentioned in the beginning isn't working anymore, if the referenced polymesh is in a hidden group.

I hope it was reasonably understandable 😉

Best regards,

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Yes, it makes complete sense. I thought the Arnold tag is not used at all on an instance, but I was wrong, it was indeed implemented. There are some cases when a polymesh is exported instead of an Arnold instance node, for example when the Instance Object has deformation, etc. The use case you mentioned above might be one of these. In this case the tag is not used, which is a bug and needs to be fixed.

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Te crash is fixed in, but the override (e.g. visibility) does not work in all cases yet. That will be fixed soon as well.

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Great - thx for the notification. 🙂
I'll have a look soon.

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