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c4d2a Object Mask exporting to channel mask in photoshop.

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c4d2a Object Mask exporting to channel mask in photoshop.

Hi all, pardon the newbie question, still learning. I understand how to use object mask tags to create custom AOV's in arnold, however these AOV's show up as white/black layers in photoshop vs my previous workflow via c4d physical render was to use multipass object buffers and have the different masks available as channels in photoshop by default – allowing me to quickly make masks of the objects via those channels.

Is there a way to export object mask AOV's directly as channels instead of solid white/black layers when I open in photoshop?

Hopefully this question makes sense....

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That's a great question actually. I see the difference in the Picture Viewer between the Arnold AOV and the Object Buffer. I'm not sure though how to convert the AOV from a layer to a channel via the C4D SDK. I have to investigate.

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