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Rendering with Arnold in CINEMA 4D using the C4DtoA plug-in.
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c4d relative asset path

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c4d relative asset path

I'm trying to upload my project to a render farm, but for this I need to specify the local path to the textures. In the c4dtoA asset manager, all paths are specified as local, however when I open the c4d project assets inspector, all paths to textures are global. I change them to local ones, everything works out, I save the project and everything goes back to the absolute path, maybe someone came across the same?
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The C4D project assets inspector is not supported. Arnold shaders are using a custom xpresso-like node editor and unfortunately assets from these type of nodes are not handled properly by the inspector. What you see in the c4dtoa Asset Manager is the right one, if the paths are local (relative) there, you should be good to go.

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but the render farm gives me an error and writes that the path is absolute
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in the c4dtoa asset manager I have ./tex/texturename.tx is it relative path?

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It is. Simply texturename.tx should be enough, because the tex folder is on the search path. Can you show me the exact error message from the farm?

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this is warnings before submit and logs after



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These messages are coming from the render farm itself. Since the render and the textures are managed by Arnold it should not matter. Unless the farm wants to touch the textures, but I don't see why it would do.

So the render actually fails? Do you have the console output, containing the Arnold log? You can also change the log level to debug to get more info:

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so in arnold on my laptop I don't have any errors, the bottom line is that all my textures are stored on a portable hard disk and now it is disabled, which means that all relative paths are specified correctly, but the farm for some reason does not see this, in any case thank you so much Peter
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