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C4D autosave causes IPR to restart render

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C4D autosave causes IPR to restart render

Unless this is intentional functionality, would it be possible to have the IPR not start its render again when C4D autosaves or is manually saved? Sometimes you can be about a minute through watching the IPR and then it will suddenly start the render again because of autosave which can be really annoying. The workaround is to remember to manually save before using the IPR since then C4D won't autosave.


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There's no specific logic which forces the IPR to update on save. I just tested in a simple scene and had no update on save. Can you give it a try too? Just a sphere and light would do.

I suspect it's something scene specific which makes the IPR update. Can you try changing the selection in the object tree while the IPR is on? Does it trigger an update every time?

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@Peter Horvath

I just figured out the problem. 100% reproducible.

New scene. Sphere and any light source. Add a camera object. Set the IPR camera dropdown to that camera - this is the most important step. Make sure your viewport is NOT set to the camera object so that you can move about the viewport freely without affecting the camera object. Turn on IPR. Save the scene to a file. Now move around in the viewport, then save. IPR should update. Repeat moving around in the viewport and saving. IPR will always update.

For some reason Arnold feels the need to update the IPR on save even though nothing in the scene has changed, except the viewport "camera". Even though the camera object we created hasn't been moved, which is what the IPR is viewing thru, the viewport movement might be seen as a sort of change/edit.

I wouldn't be surprised if there were more of these small things that cause my IPR to update at sudden and inconvenient times. I'll just have to look out for them.

The scene is attached if somehow you're not getting the results I am - but I imagine IPR settings aren't carried in the save file:

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in reply to: Anonymous

@Peter Horvath just a follow up - want to know if you managed to reproduce this. thanks.

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Sorry, I forgot about this, thanks for the reminder. Yes, I was able to reproduce it.

All cameras from the scene are exported to Arnold, but when you move the camera in the viewport, the plugin checks only the active camera (which is the selected one in the IPR in this case). But the save triggers an event when the plugin checks the whole scene, and then it notices the changes of the viewport camera.

I have to figure out what's the best way to fix this, but it's on my list.

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Good to know. Thanks!

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