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C4d Arnold 3.1.01 ... Arnold sky HDRI

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C4d Arnold 3.1.01 ... Arnold sky HDRI

The arnold sky hdri doesn't show in the view port but I can see it in the IPR, what can I do to see it in the view port???

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7964-desktop-screenshot-20200823-06160396.pngthis is a sceen shot

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Currently the texture is displayed in the viewport only if the image shader is the root in the material. I bet it's not the case for you (e.g. you have a color_correct shader after the texture).

It should be fixed and display the texture in this case as well. Strange that it never came up before.

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Just to clarify, because of some technical limitations, I probably won't be able to display the actual output of the network, just the texture itself. So for instance if there's a color_correct shader after the image, its effect won't be displayed in the viewport. Maybe that will improve in later versions, but not intended in this fix.

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Thank you Peter, after several temptations it worked but I don't know why and how and what I didi??!!,now it works, I think it was a bug, I just had a texture in arnold sky as Hdri.

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