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C4D ACES with Team Render

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C4D ACES with Team Render

Having an issue using Team Render in Picture Viewer with ACES.

Render nodes buckets have a slight diferent colors than Local Machine buckets. 201118-12-05-15-render-settings.png

The render nodes are reading ACES, beacuse if i render with the "built-in" color managment the render is slight diferent aswell. So, nodes are reading ACES but not properly.

Any suggestions?

*Nodes and Local Machine have the same C4D and C4DtoA versions installed. 23.008 and

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in reply to: magdacgi

How are you set up? How do the Team Render nodes find and load OCIO?

Did you check the Arnold logs?

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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in reply to: Stephen.Blair

Reading nodes console, it says "[color_manager_ocio] could not read 'D:\Library\ACES\aces_1.2\config.ocio' OCIO profile"

But I'm using my local machine as a parent, and nodes rendering in my PV, all textures and assets should be automatically downloaded in the nodes and used to render. Why is color management not doing it?

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in reply to: magdacgi

Hi, I had the same problem and solved it using "environment variable" for the config.ocio file in both: local machine and farm machines.

So you only write $OCIO in Arnold renderer

Hope this help.

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in reply to: diego6S3FN

Thanks Diego. How do i set up that "environment variable"?

And once set, in rendersetings/Main/ColorManager/Config I should only write "$OCIO"?

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in reply to: magdacgi

Hi, depends on OS or are using, in Windows 10 is very easy to assign an environment variable, there are many tutorials easy to find on the internet, but for Mac was more difficult and I had to use a system extension called Environment variable

Yes, indeed you have to write $OCIO in Arnold Config field but you will see that if you choose the option OCIO the plugin writes it itself.

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in reply to: diego6S3FN

Thank you very much! Already saw a video you posted in another thread with a similar issue. Its working now! Cheers mate!

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The reason why OCIO config is not transferred to the clients automatically is that it felt like it would be an overkill. If you look at the aces_1.2 folder it's almost 2 GB with a lot of files in it. You won't need the whole thing of course in a specific scene, but figuring out what's used and what's not may be a bit complicated.

Having the config on a shared drive referenced by the OCIO environment variable is the solution for now, as suggested by Diego.

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in reply to: magdacgi

On Environment Variable Name, USE OCIO the find the path, restart the pc. Done.

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