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Button for simple refresh if IPR is not automatically updating

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Button for simple refresh if IPR is not automatically updating


I am sometimes running into the problem that the IPR window loses connection to changes that I do (mostly when I move sliders in the network editor). That means to refresh and see the change I either have to move the camera, restart or pause/unpause the IPR or click on the reload textures button.

It would be really nice if there was a simple button that would just refresh the scene without reloading textures or restarting since this might take a while to start up on a complex scene. Or am I missing a feature/ simple script that can do that?

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in reply to: peter.horvath6V6K3

Wow that was fast - great to hear! What dark magic did it take?

I am currently using my school's license for the Arnold core but for the C4D plugin that should work as well right? Or do both have different maintenance plans?

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Very dark. 😉 Basically I'm forcing the update (same what the script does) from the IPR window in case the viewport is hidden.

You're good, Arnold core license is what we need, there's no separate license for the plugin.

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in reply to: peter.horvath6V6K3

thanks, I will ask them for the license code 🙂

Ah that means it checks in intervals or whenever a C4D event is happening in general?

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Whenever an event is happening.

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