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bump2d in arnold5

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bump2d in arnold5

Hey Community,

I am currently working on a project in c4dtoa including some compositing. Im having a background image with two planes, catching shadows: a wall and a floor. In version 4 I could use a bump2d node and plug in the shadowcatcher shader and a version of the backrground image with camera projection, creating really nice shadows that reacted to the texture of the floor. However in v5 they changed the bump2d and you cant connect images and shaders the same way. How do I do this in v5?

Any help appreciated!

Thank you!

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Hi Lurk. Would you be able to post an example image to illustrate what you're trying to achieve?

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The shadow_matte doesn't have a normal parameter, so that's not going to work with the new bump shaders:
Bump shaders: bump2d and bump3d now output a normal vector that can be linked to new normal parameters in ambocc, lambert, standard_surface and utility shaders. These bump shaders no longer function as passthrough shaders.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support

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