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Building crystal shaders using dielectrics?

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Building crystal shaders using dielectrics?

gem-render-final.jpgHello there.

I worked a lot on building realistic crystal like shaders and i am relatively happy with the results so far (Yellow/pink picture). For the next one i want to go a step further but i am not quite sure how to achieve this look :screenshot-2021-04-06-224606.pngI started with a normal mesh and a shader with transmission and and tried to stack different elements using dielectrics but it won´t work properly...also scattering different objects does not give me the same look...would you build this in one shader with vertex maps or something similar? Or would you use multiple objects with dielectrics and scatter objects on the base modell?

Thanks and take care!

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in reply to: eddi_fuhrmann

I recommend this series of tutorials by Arvid Schneider. It's MtoA but the shading workflow will be the same so it should be easy to follow.

Lee Griggs
Arnold rendering specialist
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okay this looks nice. i will definitely have a look at it!

thank you-

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so far so good. at the end of part 1 where arvid puts a multiply/divide node in for the negative

bump there a node/ way to do this in c4d? there also multiply and divide nodes but they somehow won´t work the same way?

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You can use the Arnold multiply and divide nodes.

MtoA actually converts the Maya multiply/divide to Arnold multiply and divide nodes

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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okay but how exactly does it work. i have the output of the range node and where do i go in the divide/multiply from there?

thanks in advance!

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i could also use a hint for a clean y- ramp---when i use the setup with the ramp(set on v) and the triplaner node i get this result:1.png

it´s okay so far but the dark parts on the top are a problem in the following shading process...if i use a state vector node into the ramp the distribution is even more over the place..3.png

what could be a good setup for a clean y-ramp? thanks for the help-

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