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Bug with keyframing colour black changing to white (becomes blue and crashes C4D)

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Bug with keyframing colour black changing to white (becomes blue and crashes C4D)

I am trying to keyframe opacity to go from black to white to make an object appear.

When I keyframe black to frame 0 and white to frame whatever, and then I rewind the timeline to frame 0, the black colour becomes blue.  When using the IPR during this, the entire C4D app crashes with an out of memory error.


Has nobody else seen this bug?
I tested it with physical renderer and it doesn't happen.

This seems to be an Arnold specific bug.

I'm using C4D 2024.1.0 and Arnold 4.6.6

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I actually find that this happens with any colour as the earlier keyframe, and it happens with any texture node or colour in any material.

If the first colour is red, rewinding the timeline makes it pink.

Why would this happen?

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I indeed see a strange thing with keyframing: when moving to the previous/next frame, then only the Red component of the color is animated. Green and Blue remain the same. But when I jump to a frame on the timeline (so not moving one-by-one), then it animates all color components just fine. Is this what you're seeing as well?

It does not seem to be related to Arnold, I can reproduce it with a Standard node material as well. Looks like a generic bug in the Node Materials.

// Peter Horvath
// C4DtoA developer
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Ok.  I didn't think to check other node renderers in the editor.

I guess there is no way around it.

I tried using a ramp node for now and just moving the notches.

I will try a white bitmap image and see if I can just colour correct it to black.

I'll try and report the bug to maxon.

I wonder how long it has been a bug.

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