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Best method to see textures in viewport

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Best method to see textures in viewport

To see a texture in viewport from a object with Arnold shader I need to create a standard C4D material and assign it temporarly... Maybe exists a better method to avoid this process, someone know a better solution?

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There is an Arnold Viewport slot in the shader network editor. Connecting an image shader or a standard_surface shader should appear in the viewport.


It's a bit slower than the C4D material though, unfortunately the SDK is limited and I could not find a better way so far.

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in reply to: edenexposito

Thanks! too easy!

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follow up question: how do I make transparent textures (textures with transmission) appear in the viewport?

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in reply to: gabevf

Unfortunately viewport display of the Arnold shaders are currently very limited and transparency or transmission is not supported.

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This only works 20% of the time for me

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Do you see red textures in the viewport, when it does not work? Or just nothing appears?

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Yes! Red in the viewport. Plus I don't know how to make them high-res in the viewport. They are always quite low.

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I may have a fix for that coming in the next release. I also hope that I can improve the implementation a bit for simple cases.

You can change the resolution via the Texture preview size parameter of the Arnold Material.

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I see - its in the material tab. Works perfectly. That's bugged me for age I must ask more questions on here!

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@Peter Horvath thank u! best solution for me.

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