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Baking Textures, my mind isn't grasping what I'm seeing

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Baking Textures, my mind isn't grasping what I'm seeing

For about a week now, I've been trying to pin down the results I'm getting from Baking.

I'm rendering a device that has all UV's laid out nicely and normals perfectly aligned. However, my results almost seem to penetrate through the geo and reveal the "backside" of the geo in the bake. Not only does this happen on the device, but I managed to replicate it with a simple primitive sphere too.

Here's my replicated sphere results since device is under NDA:

I thought It for sure was my normals, but I did an experiment with placing a red cube INSIDE my sphere ( not seen by ipr window ) and literally had that show up in the resulting baked texture of sphere.

The results change randomly too, for instance I was able to resolve the problem by copying everything into a new file... and a restart on my computer solved it once too. But the negative results creep back in no matter what.

Is it a scene scale thing? UV thing? Sampling thing? Bit depth thing? Geo thing? Version thing? Bug?

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Am I nuts??

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Maybe the Surface Offset is not properly set?

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I’ve tried .001, .01, .1 - the results don’t seem to change. Any recommendations for something that’s around 10 cm tall?

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Im in a bit of a crunch at the time, anyone one know who I could talk to directly to work this out?

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Sorry I had no time yet to take a closer look. I wonder if changing the Export scale in the render settings (System tab) to 1 cm makes any difference.

For faster iterations you can contact support(at)solidangle(dot)com, or me directly (peter.horvath(at)solidangle(dot)com).

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