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Asset browser creates duplicate image files

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Asset browser creates duplicate image files

I'm working with Arnold node materials that contain image files with relative paths, e.g. just the file name. In the C4D preferences I set search paths so the images are found. This is my preferred workflow, which allows the images to be replaced/modified/moved around etc. without breaking the materials.


However, when adding a material to the asset browser, it automatically creates a new heading "Image Media" where it places duplicates of all image files contained in the material. This is bad, because it wastes valuable hard drive space. Secondly, when loading the material from the asset browser to a project, the image nodes have their names changed from the name of the image, which is very useful, to the useless "asset.jpg". Thirdly, the image path has changed from the filename to "assetdb:///...(path to the file in the database)". This is very bad, because when I modify the original image file, or move it to a new location, it will have no effect because the material now uses the new duplicated image instead. How can a material be added to the asset browser exactly as it is, without having the image paths modified?

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I'm afraid this is the standard behavior of the Asset Browser and materials, not Arnold specific and unfortunately we have no control over it. You can check with other renderers/node spaces, like Standard or Redshift. They should behave the same.

I suppose it's by design, but you can check with Maxon.

// Peter Horvath
// C4DtoA developer
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I had same problem. Workaround is to keep copy of C4D R26 and use it to import materials to asset manager. It keeps correct texture relative paths.

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