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ass file team render texture path

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ass file team render texture path



I want to render .ass file with cinema4d's team renderer but I couldn't make client machine find texture files no matter how I tried. One of my computer is windows and other one is mac and my .ass file is exported with relative paths. 


I am able to render everything correctly in host machine but on other machine cinema4d team render client app I am getting this error

Invalid image file "./textest/testture2.jpg": Could not open file "./textest/testture2.jpg"


I tried to define texture paths in arnold's system settings but I couldn't able to render scene with team render.


Please help me. since 2 days I am working on this problem. 


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please help me, it has been 3 days and I couldn't resolve this. It's like nightmare. I exported usd files from houdini and tried to render in cinema4d team render again but team render can't find textures. 

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When rendering via Team Render, Cinema 4D copies over all assets to each client before the render starts. A procedural however is a black box for the plugin, which means its content is unknown. Therefore textures referenced within the ASS/USD file are not copied over, hence the error.


You have multiple options to solve this:

  1. You can specify your textures on the Assets tab of the Arnold Procedural node. List all textures from the ASS file here as they are defined (e.g. use a relative path if they are defined as a relative path). You can also specify a folder, but note, that all textures from the folder will be copied over to the clients, not just the ones actually used in your scene.
  2. Store your textures on a shared drive, which is accessible from all client machines. If the path to this drive is different on clients, you can specify all paths in Arnold Render Settings > System > Texture Search Path, so the textures are found on all clients.

// Peter Horvath
// C4DtoA developer

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