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Arnold volume displacement on FumeFX

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Arnold volume displacement on FumeFX

Hi all,

I've been playing with FumeFX recently and I want to use Arnolds volume displacement on the smoke I've made. It seems to me that it is not possible to make displacement work when applied directly to the FumeFX grid, so I tried exporting it as an VDB and reimported it with the Arnold volume since that approach was working just fine with free VDBs I downloaded. That didn't work either so I searched away and did some serious head scratching after which I guessed that it might be the channels having a different naming convention coming out of FFX. After pulling the exports through Houdini and changing the main channels name from 'Smoke' to 'density' it worked to my great enjoyment. So that's one solution, but of course it would be so much easier if the displacement could work directly on the FFX grid using their 'Smoke' channel instead. Is that possible to do somehow? I have a feeling I might have missed something really basic here 🙂

Thanks in advance!

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The standard_volume shader has an option to set the name of the density channel. Alternatively you can use the volume_sample_float shader to sample a custom channel with some extra controls.

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