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arnold transparent logo

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arnold transparent logo

I am trying to put logo on the basketball, and created set selection area for it, but it doesn't work properly. Following youtube instruction doesn't work. 6675-screen-shot-2020-04-14-at-123251-pm.png

c4d file with textures is linked

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in reply to: pleiada

You can quite easily achieve this effect using Arnold's layer shaders or mix between two standard_surface shaders.

Lee Griggs
Arnold rendering specialist
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I've found two problems:

  • The plugin does not handle stacking with multiple UVW tags properly. To fix this, I renamed the second UVW tag to 'UVW2' and changed the Bitmap shaders to image shaders, where the custom UV set can be defined (UV coordinates tab). Hope I can fix this in the plugin, so this manual workaround won't be necessary.
  • For some reason the common area of the 'orange' and 'logo' polygon selections are not recognized. Maybe it's an issue with the mesh or the selections, I'm not sure. What I did is to add the orange material to the entire mesh as well, as the base layer.
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I did the same, but it still doesn't work.. but sounds reasonable)

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in reply to: lee_griggs

i know, but it doesn't work in this case.

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in reply to: pleiada

Why don't they work?

Lee Griggs
Arnold rendering specialist
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Ahh, sorry, I forgot to send you the scene with the modifications. Here it is:

The key is to specify the UV set in the image shaders, like this:


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thank you for your help!

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I am having same problem again with another object. Maybe you can take a look why the alpha doesn't work? I tried changing UVW set and assign alpha as shader and texture.

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I attached a modified scene. You have two options:

  • Alpha stacking (see Plane😞 add a base material with no alpha and your butterfly material with the alpha texture in the Alpha channel.
  • Mix shader (see Plane.1😞 add a mix shader with the base butterfly layers driven by the alpha texture.

Hope this helps.

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I opened your file, but it still shows green polygon.

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Yes, I set green color in the base layer. If you want to make it transparent, then set the Geometry > Cutout opacity parameter of the standard_surface shader.

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Cool! Didn't know this feature. Thank you!

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