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Arnold setting toggle logic - Obscure bug?

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Arnold setting toggle logic - Obscure bug?

The best way for you to understand this bizarre problem I am having is to check out the attached C4D file and follow the steps below:

1. Open C4D file (contains default Arnold render settings)

2. Notice how the cylinders are all black except one tiny part of one instance

3. Select the texture tag that is on the Cloner object

4. Enable "Tile"

5. Disable "Tile"

6. Notice how enabling Tile made the cylinders completely colored as expected. But notice how disabling Tile did not revert the colors back to all black and a tiny colored part. This is the problem that is confusing me. Is this a bug?

7. Select the Cloner object

8. Enable "Render Instances"

9. Disable "Render Instances"

10. Now we are back to our initial almost all black cylinders.

What I want to know is what is causing the settings in my list above to act unpredictably when toggled on and off (in relation to the context of the texture of the cylinders). I have never encountered this issue before and it took me a decent amount of time to figure out why toggling a setting on then off would not accordingly change a texture to another state and then back, as logic would demand. What is going on here?

I am using a MacBook Pro - C4D R19 Student - C4DtoA - Arnold core

Thank you!

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The issue exists in the IPR, right? I can confirm that it does not update properly when changing the Tile on the texture tag, which looks like a bug. Render to the Picture Viewer however shows the expected result. I'll try to fix this in the next release.

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in reply to: AJUKking

Yes, sorry I forgot to specify that I left the IPR window open and rendering through every step of this process. I was only ever looking at the IPR window the whole time. Thank you for taking notice of this strange issue!

Also just being curious, are you leading the development of C4DtoA/how many people are developing this plugin?

Thanks, Peter!

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I'm the only one working on the plugin specifically. So yeah, we can say, I'm leading the development. 😉

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Well you're doing a great job! Thank you for your work! I love the plugin!

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