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Arnold procedural and user_data_rgb

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Arnold procedural and user_data_rgb

I'm using a cloner to clone several objects, and I'm using the Fields Color of the Plain Effector. I apply an Arnold shader using user_data_rgb and select Display Color (Mograph Shader) and apply it to the cloner. The Arnold shader is correctly reading the colors from the Mograph Shader. Next, I want to replace the objects using Arnold procedurals and I use .ass files. The problem is that the Arnold shader does not seem to work with the procedural. The color of all the objects are black.

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If you export an object to an ASS file, its display color is set to black. The procedural does not override it in this case. What you can do as a workaround, is to open the .ass file with a text editor and remove the lines

 declare display_color constant RGB
 display_color 0 0 0 

from the polymesh. Then the display_color defined on the procedural should be used in the render.

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