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Arnold not rendering hair that uses a sweep. Renders ok in Physical Render

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Arnold not rendering hair that uses a sweep. Renders ok in Physical Render

Hi. I am using c4d hair to generate some tentacles and using a sweep method in the hair simulation to give the tentacles their shape. Im only getting a ribbon of the shape when I render in arnold, but it renders correctly when I render using c4ds physical render. Is this a doable task in arnold? I see I can render a regular sweep along a spline fine so Im not sure why this is not working. Thanks for looking


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I found a work around that did the job in the IPR.. But now that Im trying a test render it stopped working in the PictureView. I am generating splines with the hair simulation and sweeping them outside of the hair sim now and that solved the problem I was initially having, but only in the IPR I am realizing. They do not render in the pictureview. Any idea where I am going wrong? I saw a similar thread and added an arnold tag to the hair but that did not solve the issue.


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Was your original method using the Sweep type under the Generate tab of the Hair object? Hair instances are not supported (yet), but there's a workaround: move the Hair object under a Connect Object.

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Thankyou Peter that did the trick 🙂

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