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Arnold like Vray Proxy workflow

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Arnold like Vray Proxy workflow

Does Arnold render has something similar to Vray Proxy meshes/scenes workflow? Or maybe C4d itself has something like this? I'd like to prepare for rendering some model and then import it as a reference to my other c4d projects and if I'll make some changes to the referenced model (including changing its materials) I'll automatically get the updated results in the project where it has been imported when hit render button. Vray has a feature I need and it's called Vray Proxy Scene so I'd like to know if I can get something the same with Arnold or C4d itself. Thanks!

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Look at the Operators workflow explained in this tutorial:


You can export your model to a USD/Alembic/ASS file, which can be loaded via the Arnold Procedural node in the scene. Then you can assign operators (e.g. set_parameter) to do render-time modifications on the content of the procedural, like overriding the shader of certain shapes, etc.

// Peter Horvath
// C4DtoA developer

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