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Arnold light editor display not using viewport filters?

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Arnold light editor display not using viewport filters?

Odd question, are Arnold lights able to use the viewport filters, or is that just a limitation of the plugin?

Currently, if I create Arnold lights (from the plugin menu), and disable them in the viewport (filter, uncheck Light) the light icon disappears, but the "dots" remain visible (see attached screenshot).

I can disable Generator, which will hide the light and dots, but it also hides a lot of other objects in the scene.

Sidebar question, what is the function of the "Show in Editor" checkbox in the Light attributes? As far as I can tell, it does not show or hide the light itself, but ironically, it does show/hide the "dot". Is this expected behavior? If so, then to successfully hide lights in the viewport, I have to first disable the viewport filter, and then also uncheck Show in Editor for each light?



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The dots should not be there when you disable the light filter, I'm gonna fix that.

The 'Show in Editor' controls if the light's contribution is visible in the viewport or not. Maybe it should be renamed to something more obvious.

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