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Arnold denoiser only works with default filter gaussian? [c4dtoa]

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Arnold denoiser only works with default filter gaussian? [c4dtoa]

Hi, beginner here trying to understand the denoiser workflow.

I've gotten so far that I understand that we have denoising as a post process effect via the Arnold Imager not suited for animations. Then we have the Arnold Denoiser that works on rendered .exr images with a specific AOV, and this do work with animation.

I tried running the Denoiser several times without any result, the new image sequence was exactly the same as the input. Then I tried changing the default filter to gaussian from box and all of a sudden it worked. Why is this? What is happening here? What am I not understanding in how gaussian calculates the sub-pixels that makes it required for denoising?

Anyone care to explain this process?

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The beauty has to use the same filter as the other denoiser AOVs (N, Z, variance, denoise_albedo). Those AOVs are created by C4DtoA for you, and they use the gaussian filter.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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Thanks Stephen.
This info should be added to the documentation, hard to figure this out through the help docs.

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