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Arnold crashes Cinema 4d during render

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Arnold crashes Cinema 4d during render


Arnold shuts down C4D while rendering scenes, with no warning, no errors, nothing. I tried lowering the cores (24>12) and uninstalling Octane.

The scenes are using the forester plugin, a little c4d hair and the toon shader. They aren't very complex at all and only 1200x1200. I output log files but they end abruptly. I've attached the log from the last frame before it quit.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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What's your C4DtoA and Forester version? AFAIK Forester has an extension built for C4DtoA, my guess would be an incompatibility in the plugin API (Forester is built for an older C4DtoA version), which can cause a crash.

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You've got 65417MB of RAM, but 57120MB is already used before that frame even starts.

Was the memory usage building up as you rendered frames? (there is a memory leak in the contour filter that we just update will be out probably next week)

How many long a sequence are you rendering?

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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in reply to: jonsrace

Thanks for the quick responses,

I've attached the first frame's log for comparison. The scenes are very short, 90 frames. This particular scene is crashing around frame 40-60. I am using the contour filter in an AOV, I believe I have to with toon, right? I'm still new(ish) to Arnold.

Arnold is up to date ( I can't find the Forester version, I believe it's the latest but to make sure I'm going to reinstall.

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Yes, you do have to use the contour filter with Toon.

If every log shows an increasing amount of memory, then that looks like a memory leak.

Frame 1 started at 2571MB, and that frame that crashed was up at 57120MB

00:00:00  2571MB         | log started Wed Jan  9 20:31:56 2019
00:00:47  7293MB         | at startup              2569.82MB 

I would render smaller sequences on the command line:

For example, 1-10, 11-20, and so on

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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I missed that it fails during a sequence. If there are frames which render fine, then it's probably not a compatibility issue. So more likely what Stephen said. I can make you a build with the contour filter fix tomorrow if you like.

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Oh awesome, thanks guys. I can wait until next week Peter, if that's when the fix is coming out. I have no problem rendering smaller sequences until then. I'm just glad I know what the issue is, it was driving me nuts.

Thanks again.

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C4DtoA has been released. It has the contour filter memory leak fix. Let me know if it fixes your issue.

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