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Arnold C4D Viewport

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Arnold C4D Viewport

In C4D S22 there is an improved viewport update....are there any plans on making arnold materials look better within the C4D viewport with light interactions/reflections/shadows and all that.

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Yes, there are plans to improve the viewport preview. It will require a lot of work, I can not tell any ETA at the moment. Also I'm not sure how far we can go, afaik the new viewport API is still a bit limited for our needs.

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in reply to: peter.horvath6V6K3

Oh, that's great, Isn't it possible to get In touch with C4D Devs just for the sake of developing it(vp) since it's still limited rn And also If the viewport preview is being overhauled will it be released as a single full update or patches.

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Yes, we'll be definitely get in touch with Maxon. Still have to investigate, yet I'm not sure it can be done in small steps. Afaik the new viewport API requires the new node system, so we first have to migrate Arnold materials to that, where we also hit some problems.

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in reply to: peter.horvath6V6K3

Okay, that's great, nice to know that it is being worked on, what type of problems were encountered tho, please if it's possible I'd like to receive some updates on how the investigation is going, Thanks and keep up the good work. Grateful

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The Node API is pretty new and completely different from the graph view API used for the current network, with some limitations. Also not well documented yet, so progress is quite slow. I won't be able to give you updates on this forum because of legal restrictions. All I can say that it's in progress and you have to wait a bit more.

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in reply to: peter.horvath6V6K3

Oh, legal restrictions, It's alright..Wishing you good luck, on the wait, Thanks.

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