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Arnold 6 stops rendering after first take in Cinema 4D

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Arnold 6 stops rendering after first take in Cinema 4D


I created one scene (sofa & pillows) and created a few arnold textures for it. I applied the C4D R23 take system and only changed the texture on each take, rest stayed all the same.

Now the render in the IPR works. And switches textures as i change the active take. If i render one single active take to the PV it works as well. If i render all takes to PV, it renders the first one and then is stuck saying generating TX files for hours on the second one. I tried AutoTX and manually created them in advance. But same result. They all work just great when rendered individually, but get stock when batched.

Anybody has an idea?

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I was not able to reproduce the issue so far. Can you reproduce it with a simple scene or in this specific scene? Can you send me the scene with the textures or email it to

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in reply to: Marco_Somaini

Same here when I stop an animation rendering after a few frames. When I render the same animation it stucks at "generating 1 .tx file". After restart it works again.

Very confusing: Sometimes it works sometimes not...

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Can you try generating all the tx files first? Then disable Auto-Tx and render with multiple takes.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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By restart you mean restarting Cinema 4D, or just rerun the render? How easy is it to reproduce? How often does it happen? Like 50% of the time or less?

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in reply to: Marco_Somaini

Hello, Peter.

Yes, I have to restart Cinema 4D.
It happens every time when I render with the exr-driver and didn't delete the previous rendered exr-files before I render again. So i did my test renderings without the driver. Then it only happens in 20 percent of all cases.

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Thanks for the info, I could reproduce the issue. Working on a fix. Cheers.

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I've got a fix. If you'd like to test it, please send an email to referreing to this thread. Thanks.

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This should now be fixed in C4DtoA 3.3.3.

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