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AOVs layer do not show in the picture viewer

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AOVs layer do not show in the picture viewer

Hello community. I am trying to get my object mask rendered. I have created object mask on specific objects, I can select and see the black and white image in the IPR display but I can't export it as a file. All the tutorials stops there, right after visualizing them in the IPR or just show the layer list appearing in the Picture Viewer but in my case it does not show. What am I missing?

In the Render Settings / AOVs, the only Active AOVs that show the ticked "AOV" in the Render column (3rd one after Inactive, Active and this one "Render") is the beauty past. When I hover other active aovs, the render column ticks are grayed out. Is this a normal behavior?

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I recommend to check the log (console) if there are any error or warning messages there.

To render the object masks, you have to create custom AOVs with the same name and activate them by each driver. I suppose you did that, since you can see the AOVs in the IPR window, right? This means the AOVs are added to the display driver, and they have to show up in the Picture Viewer as well.

Try these simple steps in a new scene, just to check if it's working as expected:

  • add an object (e.g. Sphere)
  • add an Arnold Object Mask tag to the object, set the name to 'sphere'
  • go to Render Settings > AOVs and create a custom AOV with the name 'sphere'
  • render to the Picture Viewer: the sphere layer should be there

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