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AOV names from c4d display driver

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AOV names from c4d display driver

Hi there,

I've noticed using the standard display_c4d_driver, AOVs get weird names like '_001_specular', whereas with an exr_driver the AOV names are always nice and neat, like 'specular', 'diffuse' etc.

Is there a way to get the display driver to name the AOVs properly? I'm using a farm, and it won't render the output from the exr_driver. It will only output the display_c4d_driver.


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Unfortunately it's a limitation at the moment. The index number is added to the path by C4D because the AOV buffers are defined as post effect buffers. It's on my todo list to find a workaround for this.

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Can your farm kick ass? I think you can include drivers inside an arnold scene source file

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The pass ID's have caused us massive headaches when dealing with tight deadlines. I'm super happy that it is on your todo list.

Also seems that sometimes rendering in queue vs. rendering to picture viewer makes different ID's for the passes. So we can't use the power of distributed rendering to fix single frames. This needs more testing.

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