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AOV for object emission + its resulting diffuse/spec/etc. ?

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AOV for object emission + its resulting diffuse/spec/etc. ?

I have a problem where I need an AOV/set of AOVs that can display all of the light information that comes from the emission of an object's Arnold standard surface material. I'm talking about the diffuse/spec/etc. that comes from the emission of this one object.

This is already possible for actual lights by using light groups to single out light sources and their diffuse/spec/etc which I am already familiar with but it is not possible to add a non-light object to a light group obviously. Therefore I can't get diffuse/spec/etc specifically from a single object's emission in an AOV. Obviously the standard diffuse/spec/etc AOVs won't work for my problem since they will just give me all the diffuse/spec/etc in my scene when I only want the diffuse/spec/etc that comes from a single object.

I also looked into LPEs and I don't believe those will be able to help me. I could be completely wrong though.

I hope I made that clear enough. What do I do here?


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I'm afraid it's not possible with standard_surface emission. I you use mesh lights you can add them to separate light groups.

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Thanks. I didn't know about this. I'll keep this in mind for the future.

The problem in context of my project is that I already rendered it out with bad lighting which took 4 days. Oops.

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