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Animated texture not showing up in the texture manager

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Animated texture not showing up in the texture manager

I have animated textures (tif sequence) that works just fine when I render on my local machine.
I saved the scene with assets to be sent to a render farm and getting errors from the farm, telling me there are missing textures (the animated ones most likey).
The animated textures has been saved along with the other assets but since they don't show up in the texture manager in Cinema 4D, I guess the render farm won't see them?
Any good solution to make this work?

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Do you use a Bitmap shader or an image shader? Do you have any errors when you save the project with assets?

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I use a bitmap shader. I finally got it to work but it won't show up in the texture manager, shouldn't they?

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That's expected, because the shader is attached to the material in a special way in the network editor, and the native Texture Manager does not see it. There's an Arnold specific Asset Manager, where the texture should be listed fine.

May I ask what was the problem? Maybe other users can benefit from the solution.

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Ahhh! of course, there is an Arnold manager! Didn't think of that.
The problem turned out not to be the animated textures.
When I did som test renders using an HDRI, Arnold converts it to tx files for some reason and stores them in the tex folder, the render farm didn't like tx files it turns out. So I deleted those and it worked just fine.

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