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Alpha viewport issue with PNG saved from Photoshop

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Alpha viewport issue with PNG saved from Photoshop

Hello, when saving a PNG or TIFF file with transparency from Photoshop and connecting the alpha channel of that image to the viewport, the image does not appear in the viewport, only a black box. However, when saving a PNG file with transparency from Illustrator, that PNG file works fine in the viewport. I guess there is a slight difference in the PNG files saved from Illustrator and Photoshop and Arnold can only successfully use the Illustrator "flavor" in the viewport.

Attached is an example scene with both images to test. Rendering works fine for both images, however it's important to be able to see the image in the viewport for position adjustments.

Is it possible to have Arnold use PNG and TIFF files saved from Photoshop in the viewport using the alpha channel? Thanks.

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I've found a solution, in Photoshop set the color of the image to other than black then save as PNG 8 bit using File>Export instead of Save As.

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I'm glad you have found a solution.

Actually, the alpha channel is not supported in the viewport. What you see in the viewport is the image output, which uses the C4D bitmap loader. So it's the same RGB output you have in a native Bitmap shader.

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