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Rendering with Arnold in CINEMA 4D using the C4DtoA plug-in.
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Aces Workflow?

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Aces Workflow?

For C4DToA.....Does the picture attached mean I cant render in aces?

Or can I render in aces with Arnold drivers?

By changing colorspace to acescg?

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render engines calculates images linear space. you look at images on computer screen, which only can display sRGB. --> you need a color management like aces to convert images.

houdini,maya, or renderman vray comes with color managment "display" option's. cinema does have this support yet. in case of arnold you use Krita, Lightroom or photoshop to develop your exr images.

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so aces doesn't work with C4DtoA or how does it need to be setup properly?

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It does work but I don't know how to set it up...

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You can setup ACEScg for Arnold via C4DtoA, the workflow is explained here:

Arnold outputs the image in render color space, to display it on a device (e.g. monitor) you need to apply the output device transform (let's call it display color space). Cinema 4D does not support ACES therefore if you look at an image in the Picture Viewer it applies the built-in sRGB color transform and not the one you specified in the render settings or in the IPR. That's what the note in the console means.

A proper workflow is to use the Arnold drivers, or write out a float linear image (e.g. EXR) via the native Save option and apply the device transform in post.

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Doing all that, which input space do I choose in Fusion or After Effects?

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The render color space you specified in the render settings.

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Oh ok, ACEScg is linear? So I don't have to convert it in comp?

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If your render color space in Arnold is ACEScg and this is your working color space in Fusion or After Effects, then no conversion needed.

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Choose input space as acescg and output space as aces srgb,thats the correct way to set it up

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