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ACES Flat Shading Incorrect

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ACES Flat Shading Incorrect

Hi there,

I am trying to render a flat background based on a set RGB/Hex value but the colour appears much darker in the IPR and final render than what it should be.

Attached is a screengrab of the render. I've extended the background in Photoshop using my original RGB/Hex colour to demonstrate what it should look like.

Note: My background is a flat shadowmatte but even as a a flat plane it renders out just as dark.screen-shot-2022-03-14-at-35151-pm.png

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Sorry, I forgot to add that I am in the default colour space, ACES.

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in reply to: cassidydodge2

Does it happen without the shadow_matte?

Does it render like that with sRGB?

Lee Griggs
Arnold rendering specialist
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Hi Lee,

Yes, I have the same issue even with a flat shader in ACES.

If I switch to Legacy in the Color Manager I get very close to an actual match (see below) but I would prefer to ACES if I can.


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In which color space do you have your input RGB values? Colors in Cinema 4D are in sRGB space by default (Edit > Project Settings... > Input Color Profile), therefore there's an sRGB to linear (ACEScg) transform when exported to Arnold.

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Hi Peter, Yes, my input color space is sRGB. What should it be set to in order to get the correct values with Arnold and ACES?

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Actually, I think what you want is changing the View Color Space to Un-tone-mapped (sRGB). The default view color space (ACES 1.0 SDR-video) has a tone mapping which makes the result darker.

I assume your display color space is Photoshop is sRGB and so is your input color.

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