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ACES and the Texture Manager : [AiMakeTx] concurrent jobs with different configs or rendering color spaces are not supported

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ACES and the Texture Manager : [AiMakeTx] concurrent jobs with different configs or rendering color spaces are not supported


I have a finished scene that I have saved from C4D "With all assets", and wish to regenerate all the .tx files using the texture Manager. Files are a blend of PBR Jpegs, PNG, a few TGA and some EXR files.

I am getting multiple errors in the log saying:~
"[AiMakeTx] concurrent jobs with different configs or rendering color spaces are not supported"

and it fails to convert a fair few files, and leaves many either just yellow or yellow with [!tx] labels suggesting the need to update (but I just created?!).

All my files are correctly assigned to the ACES conversion profile in the node network.

Why am I getting this error?

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in reply to: daniel2SH2D

In the end Arnold reports:

"[c4dtoa] ERROR | Failed to generate 39 Tx files:"

And lists them - a random assortment from the tex folder.

What do?

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in reply to: daniel2SH2D


If I select each of the missing textures *individually* and create them one at a time, these update successfully and the .tx file is created. For some reason they fail if I select more than one at a time and try to batch.

How do I update the [!tx] files? They don't change if I 'create'.

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in reply to: daniel2SH2D

My guess is that there are multiple image nodes loading the same texture, and those image nodes have different color space settings.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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in reply to: Stephen.Blair

Thanks Stephen.

I deleted all tx files and went meticulously through a fairly hefty set of node graphs to make sure there were no conflicts, every image node sharing a file was set to the same color space etc.

When I ran 'Create tx files' I got 4 times as many failures as before! 😄

I'm really trying to get my head around this, so thanks for your time:

Can you help me understand why when I select two jpeg image files like this and hit 'Create tx files' I get the following:

with this in the console:

but then if I select either one individually and do the same it just works:


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in reply to: daniel2SH2D

Sorry, here's that lats screenshot:


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in reply to: daniel2SH2D

It appears that if I select missing tx files of the same *colorspace*, they can batch in bulk, but different colorspcaes refuse to batch process
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I can reproduce it when using a custom OCIO config and one of the textures has 'raw' color space. Using the default (ACES) color manager (since C4DtoA 4.0) is working fine. This is definitely a bug, which needs to be fixed.

As a workaround you can switch to the default ACES color manager if that's possible. Otherwise you can convert the textures in two steps:

  • First all 'raw' textures:
    • Right click on 'raw' in the table and select 'Select Textures With Same Color Space'
    • Click Create
  • Then all other textures:
    • Click on Select Untiled
    • Click Create
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How do I update the [!tx] files? They don't change if I 'create'.

I believe you are using an older version of the plugin, there was a bug where the status of the images did not update after converting them to tx. Are they displayed ok if you close and open the Tx Manager?

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Thanks Peter. Yes, it seems to batch fine if RAW is not mixed with other Colorspaces in the batch.

Going forward, I think I will stick with the native ACES!

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In case you haven't switched to the default OCIO config, this is now fixed in C4DtoA

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Thanks Peter.

Out of interest, when compositing, is it 'correct' to simply use OCIO 1.2 as the output transform in, say, AE, or is there a specific 'Arnold ACES' config file somewhere for feeding into the OCIO plugin?

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The config shipped with Arnold is located in the ocio folder:

  • win: c:\Program Files\Maxon Cinema 4D R25\plugins\C4DtoA\arnold\ocio\configs\arnold\config.ocio
  • mac: /Applications/Maxon Cinema 4D R25/arnold/ocio/configs/arnold/config.ocio

You can use the OCIO 1.2 config as well, just keep in mind, that the color space names are different (e.g. 'Output - sRGB' = 'ACES 1.0 SDR-video (sRGB)').

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