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Cryptomatte not showing data in MtoA 4.1.1 and Maya 2020.4

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Cryptomatte not showing data in MtoA 4.1.1 and Maya 2020.4

Hi, I have been using cryptomatte in Maya by just selecting Crypto_asset, crypto_material, and crypto_object from the AOV list in render settings. Everything was working fine but don't know when it started happening but all of my recent renders have not been showing crypto data showing up. the layers are there but it doesn't show the data. I render Multi-Layer EXR at half-precision and do a batch render. I have a workaround for still images where I just do a matte ID pass and do selections in photoshop but I am rendering a video now and crypto is needed for selecting objects in the renders. I Composite in After effects. Can you please guide me?

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I just checked with MtoA 4.1.0 and the issue still is the same. I don't know why is this happening.

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I found the issue. 1608106789180.png

"Apply Output Transform to Renderer" has to be disabled. Enabling it breaks Cryptomate data. But can anyone tell me if that's supposed to happen?

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Also set the render  color space to Raw could solve : D

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