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ASS relative texture paths

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ASS relative texture paths

Hi is there a way to export .ass file icluding mesh and shader but keep the texture paths relative ? Rn I am stripping the path in asset manager (shift+t) and I can see in SME that paths in my mat are relative but when exported the .ass file shows the full paths

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Also tryed editing the path right inside of .ass file to be relative but it does not seem to find the texture (absolute works). I also trieds setting the absolute part of the path to System - search paths - textures. And it works but I would have to set the path for all my folders because it doesn't look into subfolders

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I don't think it is possible to do but have a look at this about Search Paths.

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Alright so I can use relative path BUT I have to put the absolute part of the path to the "texture search paths".

I need to use relative paths in case I ever want to move my .ass file and not loose the texture link.

If I used absolute path to textures and move them, I'll be rendering a lot of red. I am making a asset library and as I go I move stuff around so this is a no go.

So my only options are yet again workarounds. I made a custom script to remove the absolute path from .ass file and only leave the relative bit. And because searchpaths don't search subfolders and regular way of importing procedural in max is tidious, I also made a script to load the procedural and at the same time add its path to the search paths so my texture get recognized. 

It works but it was a challenge to get there. Usd and fbx works just fine with relative paths.

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