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Arnold Volumes - animated VDB does not work on Network Rendering

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Arnold Volumes - animated VDB does not work on Network Rendering

Hi, I am hoping someone can shed some light on a issue we have network rendering animated VDB's using Arnold Volumes.


I have a basic scene setup using an animated VDB in an Arnold Volume. When we render the sequence on a single PC it renders the entire animated sequence no issues.


When I network render it on our render farm, using either Backburner or Deadline, it renders the first frame but will fail all others. 


I can render animated image sequences on billboard geometry fine network rendering using Arnold so I suspect the issue is with the Arnold Volume? My scene and VDB sequence are located on a shared server drive that all slaves/workers can access.


I was hoping someone could tell me how I can get this to work or if this is not currently supported.


Thanks in advance.

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Something that could help understand what is happening is a log to see why the render is failing.

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