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Rendering with Arnold in 3ds Max using the MaxtoA plug-in.
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Arnold Renderview always does "preview" Sampling?

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Arnold Renderview always does "preview" Sampling?

Is it just how it works that it does it anyways? Wondering because previously on the native one avoiding it saved me a lot of time. unchecking the option in the render setup doesnt seems to do anything.


*Also, just another question about the Arnold render view, there is any way to export a completed render to use the noice denoiser built already in 3dsmax? or I am forced to use the one in the Arnold render view? (it seems like it must be activated before the render and I would like to do it later.)

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In the Arnold RenderView, disable Render > Progressive Refinement



To use the noice command-line utility, you have to render to disk and then run noice on the renderered frames.
The noice imager, which you can use in the Arnold RenderView, runs on one frame and does not consider frames before and after (which are usually required for denoising animation).

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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Awwww, Sorry lots of places hiding all options, I never figured that option sitting there with the progressive refinement! thank you!

*With render-to-disk, you mean the vanilla render view and export like usually right? (denoising>output AOVs)
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I think you have to use the AOV Manager to set it up...I haven't done it for a long time 

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support

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