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Rendering with Arnold in 3ds Max using the MaxtoA plug-in.
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Arnold render error

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Arnold render error

I keep getting this message:

# Warning: [mtoa] Output driver 1 for AOV "RGBA" is null.

Arnold render settings are set to default.

Any help would be appreciated!

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It's a warning, not an error. And it can be safely ignored.

The only time I see that warning is when I open the Maya IPR window (instead of using the Arnold Render View)

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I'm getting the same error with Maya 2022, and latest Arnold. As you say Stephen, it is a warning, but I don't get any renders. I am trying to render a .ass file.

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I don't know why this worked but I moved the RGBA AOV to the list of active AOVs and now the warning is gone and my renders are showing.


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Yes this definetly works if you dont get the render at first try saving, closing and reopening Maya, that should help you get your Arnold renderer going

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in reply to: rayanpradena

Yes -- had to restart Maya, but then it worked.

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This worked for me too! Legend ty dude

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Could someone please help me out with a step by step solution for this issue, specifically for 3DS Max 2024? I have just started learning Max, I'm completely fresh to 3D rendering world and I'm just going bonkers spending literal hours to fix a bug that occured 20 mins after I started with my first tutorial. I have no idea what AOVs or RGBAs are, I just want to go on with learning the absolute basics.


Here is what I already did (issue not fixed yet, I still  get black screen with ARV):

While I'm in AOVs tab in Render setup window I choose the AOVs Manager, and within the manager I managed to find (I guess) RGBAs, after using the filter. Then I dragged and dropped the "All RGBA components" to the big empty box on the right, resulting with what can be seen on the screenshot attached. But after that I've no idea what to do next, nothing really changed in the ARV.


Zrzut ekranu 2023-12-11 140948.png













Zrzut ekranu 2023-12-11 141627.png




























I already updated the Arnold plugin for Max, unticked "Abort on Error" box in render setup and confirmed that I use CPU as a render device. My scene is just a teapot on a plane from Standard Primitives, Physical camera that's unmodified in any way and a skydome Arnold Light.


Zrzut ekranu 2023-12-11 142944.png


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AOVs is another name for rendering passes. RGBA means the AOV is going to save the Red, Green, Blue, and Alpha channels. If you have a black screen when rendering, that isn't related to the AOVs. What exactly are you trying to do?

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Since my issue was seeming to be the same as described in the original post I thought that it's the same in my case, and that's why I tried to follow the steps described by others.


I try to render the basic scene I attached in my previous post. Without any materials, just one light and a physical camera. While using Quicksilver Hardware Renderer I do get some sort of result:


Zrzut ekranu 2023-12-12 111714.png


However with Arnold Render View I can only get the black screen, also the ARV window sort of freezes without any logs or result. I guess the snapshot feature also works fine, but it's hard to tell as it's just a white space, probably from overexposure:


Zrzut ekranu 2023-12-12 113221.png












I got here originally from this thread (which describes my issue precisely). I got lost in a moment and forgot to previously mention that quite important detail, sorry for that...

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Ok, let's get a log this way


Otherwise it is quite difficult to understand what is happening

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Arnold Discord Server

Ciro Cardoso


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Thank you !

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you saved me thank you.   

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