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Standard Hair Shader with splines not rendering​

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Standard Hair Shader with splines not rendering​

When I use standard hair shader on a mesh in 3ds max, I see the results in the view port and it renders perfectly with Hair and Fur effects set to mr prim. All is good. But when I use hair and fur on splines, no mesh, I see results in view port just fine but when render, nothing shows, it's a empty scene.

using max 2020 and maxtoa

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This issue with Arnold not rendering when you use splines to generate hair has still not been fixed with Max 2021.3.2 with latest Arnold (Max to A: Hair and fur renders OK using the mesh workflow but same exact settings for editable spline workflow (for the eyelashes) does not work. This has been documented over in the Max forum as well:

I am not sure if this has been logged as a bug yet but it has been known for some years now. Can anyone from Arnold tech support advise on the status or a workaround?

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This is logged as MAXTOA-245
No workaround that I know of. I made the splines renderable and they rendered, but with what looks like a double transform.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support

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