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Object_id through Glass/ transmission

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Object_id through Glass/ transmission

Im making an animation in 3Dsmax, In the Standard Surface material I activated Transmit AOVs.

All the layers are working right (specular, coat, alpha, diffuse, etc) except the object_id. When object is behind the glass, is completely black.

There is a way how to make the object_id work though glass?

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The quick way.

You can parse out a custom beauty through Emission and either Arnold ray switcher or my OSL RPRaySwitch shader.
Note this is not doable through a custom AOV due to the fact that Object IDs overwrite the glass, so you need a multi ray type solution.


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Thanks, the Ray Switcher will be useful for other stuff I have to do.

Your answer gave me an idea.


I used a Switch Shader for my object (Luckily my scene has few elements). Used an Integer Value to control all my switches. For Channel 0 I used the Object ID, and for Channel 1 the Main Shaders.

Instead of doing 2 glass Shaders, I used the Integer to Multiply my COAT and SPECULAR values, so the glass is clean when I use INT 0, and only get transmission data. Tested it and my mask rendered very fast.

Curious question, I saw that the shaders you´re using are Physical Material, instead of Arnold Standard Surface. Physical works better in Max than the Standard Surface? (Im new using arnold)

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