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Gpu rendering doesn't work

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Gpu rendering doesn't work

After starting rendering,its renders 1 sec and stops without errors.Rendered image just black.(My Gpu is supported by Arnoled,i checked.New drivers for my NvidiaM1000M is the newest).Can someone help to resolve this problem?

uptd:added log


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That's quite an old version of Arnold.

Not sure that is log for a render, It looks like the startup log when Arnold is first loaded by MAXtoA. Or the log verbosity is too low.


And...there's only 490MB of free GPU memory. You won't be able to render much with that limited amount of memory.

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this is log in the render setup. i didn't notice there are 490 mb memory is free.but i don't what what use 1.5gb of mem,when opened only 3d max 😉

The new problem-its rendering on gpu 10-15 seconds around 6-10 squares,and shutting down like its done

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Have you tried to update Arnold first? to the latest version?

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